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1968 → Dah Tyan Iron Works was established, undertaking the oil seal mold process.
1972 → Successfully developed the rubber sole hydraulic machine and EVA foaming.
1981 → The plant was expanded to three factory, oquipied 6700 sqare meter,company had been renamed as Dah Tyan Hydraulic Machine Industrial Co., Ltd.
1984 → Received the order for 4000 Ton multi-cylinder (6m long) conveyor hydraulic machine from King Belt.
1984 → Technological cooperation with Japan to successfully develop rubber parts, the alligator-type hydraulic machine, that were exported to Japan, Thailand, etc.
1987 → Successfully developed the PCB precision laminating equipment and received recognitions from domestic and overseas PCB plants.
1989 → Cooperated with Pou-Cheng, Feng-Tai, Ching-Luh Groups and successfully developed M/W hot & cold forming hydraulic machines.
1990 → To respond to the CNC trends, injected two million US$ to purchase the precision five face machine center and large CNC floor type boring machine from Toshiba of Japan, joining in the automatic production line.
1995 → Received the order of the high precision electronic substrate laminating machine from Qing-Guang Company (vacuum, 1000-ton, dual cylinder type, 30 layers).
1997 → A maintenance department was established in Guangdong Province, China. Later, additional maintenance depart ments were established in Shanghai, Fuzhou, Vietnam and Indonesia.
2006 → Collaborative development with "king belt",6000 ton(Heating plate size:2300 x 10000,double layer) rubber conveyor belt production line,successfully breakthorugh technical in Down-type multi-cylinder.
2007 → Received the order of GDM,20 Sets 1000 Tone CCL Valcunm press production line(30 Layer).
2008 → We are appointed by Dunlop, recvied order of 8000 Ton Hydraulic hot press for fiber conveyor belt production line (heating Plate size: 1780 x 10600 mm, Down-type).
2010 → The plant moved to the current location in the Nan-Shih Industrial Area, Wufeng district, Taichung City, oquiped 17000 sapre meter, 20 meter hight,capital increase to Sixmillian dallars, purchase TOSHIBA 12Meter Floor-type. Horizontal Milling and boring machine ability to produce 60 ton parts.
2010 → Recived order from BRIDGESTONE,Successfully developed the 20000 ton steel wire rubber conveyor hydraulic machine(Total 147meter long,heating plate: 2700 x 16400).
2012 → Recived order from DUNLOP 8000 ton steel core conveyor belt prodution line(Total 90meter,heating plate: 1780 x 10600 mm)
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