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Fully automatic PVC floor tile forming machine
Producing PVC man-made floor tiles (with wood grain or stone grain printing or raised grain on the surface)
1. 100% automatic equipment, the laminating line is separated from the machine, high safety, and comfortable environment.
2. Smooth production line process, increasing the efficiency
3. The hot and cold sections are separated, saving energy and short ening the process.
4. Special design of the heating plate with good heat conductivity ,  temperature is even.
5. Automatic control , memory of multiple sets of programs (multi- stage temperature, multi-stage pressure).
PVC floor tile forming machine
Hot & cold sections are on the same machine, multi-layer design, increasing productivity
480 Ton 1100 x 1100 mm
690 Ton 1500 x 1160 mm
800 Ton 1600 x 1160mm
1000 Ton (2up)2100 x 1160 mm
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